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About Us

Ensoul  /en'sōl/ (verb)- To endow with a soul

To give you a clear picture of who we are at Ensoul Music Designs, I'm going to have to take you all the way back to 1973. That is when Mid-East Manufacturing was founded by Steven Kundrat. Steve began manufacturing zills with his family in their living-room for his wife, Alice, and her dance students. As the enthusiasm and demand for cultural instruments increased, Steve made international connections in places like India, Pakistan, Turkey, and Egypt that have helped provide a diverse range of instruments to our catalog. This initiated different sub-brands such as Roosebeck, Dobani, and Banjira.

Clearly, there isn't enough room for all that in someone's living room, which led to a storefront in Downtown Melbourne, Florida. With the persistence of Steve's passion growing, Mid-East eventually outgrew the storefront too, and had an 18,000 square-foot warehouse built. 

Remember, the ease of putting everything online for the world to see has only come around within the past two decades, so expanding Mid-East's reach around the globe was no easy feat at all. It required years of hard work, putting rubber on the road, and traveling far-and-wide to fairs and trade shows to get it all off the ground. Once the need to employ outside the family arose, it was imperative that everyone involved share the same vision and dedication to allow Mid-East to flourish. That necessity has made the environment at Mid-East a tight-knit family of its own. Throughout the years of growth, Steve never backed down from the challenge, and kept Mid-East close to home. Sticking to that core value, his son, Greg, took the wheel of leadership in 1999.

As Mid-East kept evolving and developed with new brands such as Idiopan and Playmore Design, our focus shifted towards designing and manufacturing new, innovative products in-house; that not only satisfy the desires of music enthusiasts, but also enrich the lives of people of all abilities through music play. 

Recently, in late 2017, the Mid-East warehouse had an unavoidable need to be remodeled. After the extreme process of moving a whole warehouse of inventory 3 times in an 8 month period, it landed us in a beautiful spot near the Indian River in Palm Bay, Florida. With this drastic move and our new vision solidifying, it was clear we should embrace and encourage change. Thus, Ensoul Music Designs. 

If you have already gotten to know us over the past 45 years and you're left wondering, "Well, what's happening with Mid-East?"

Don't worry! Only our name is changing to better reflect our new vision. We're still the same tight-knit family you've come to love, and we're still going to be offering our variety of brands of cultural instruments. We appreciate your understanding and patience, as this transition may have come as a surprise to you.

To our friends both old and new, we're excited to have you along for the journey.