Roosebeck Padded Gig Bag for Descant Lute

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Roosebeck Padded Gig Bag for Descant Lute

This padded gig bag is black canvas on the outside and black cloth on the inside with padded handle. Zipper open 90% circumference for easy access. Nicely padded with fitted form for the bowl of the Descant Lute.

Important Specifications:

Item overall Outside: 32.75" L x7" H x 13" W

Item overall Inside: 32" L x6" H x 12" W

Body/Bowl: 16" L x 6" H x 12" W

Neck Length: 16" L x 7.5" W

Peg Box Width: 7.5 W

String Notice


There is no warranty on strings. Manufacturers recommend that you change the strings every 3-4 months. It is always a good idea to keep an extra set of stings to replace any that may break. You should always wipe down your strings with a clean dry cloth after use. If you store your instrument, you should consider changing the strings when you pick it up again.

Item Specifications

Item Weight: 1.9 lbs.
Item Length: 32.75 Inches
Item Height: 7 Inches
Item Width: 13 Inches
Origin: PK
UPC: 844731054730

Shipping Specifications

Packed Weight: 4 lbs.
Ship Weight: 9 lbs.
Ship Length: 14 Inches
Ship Height: 14 Inches
Ship Width: 10 Inches

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