Published by: MId-East, 5/13/2019 9:45 am

With its specially designed piezo pickup,  the Idiopan can be ran through virtually any effect pedal, connecting with a quarter inch jack. This opens it up to endless possibilities for composition and adds another dynamic to this instrument, making it limitless. In this blog, I will be sharing some of my experiences playing my electric Idiopans. 


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If you already have your Idiopan or are looking in to purchasing one, you may ask yourself, "What songs can I actually play on one of these?" Though there are many songs that use Pentatonic scales and the other various tunings that the Idiopan can achieve, we have made readable music to make learning the basics on your Idiopan easy with familiar traditional songs.

How Should I Play? Hands vs. Mallets

Published by: MId-East, 5/13/2019 9:23 am

If you've never been exposed to drums quite like Idiopans (tongue drums, handpans, etc.), it may be hard to know where to start on how to play one. There are two primary approaches when it comes to playing an Idiopan. This blog various playing techniques.


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Idiopans are very resilient, but there are still some tricks to make sure your Idiopan maintains it's good looks along with its sound. This blog covers how to care for your Idiopan's finish, it's magnets, and proper placement for playing.


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Idiopans are made in four different sizes, five different models, and a wide range of different colors. That is definitely a lot to consider when you are wanting the perfect Idiopan to fit YOUR individual needs. Here, I will share with you some important things to know about each model to help you make that final decision. 

The power of tuning

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Maximize your Idiopan's true potential and tune it to a multitude of different scales, including tuning relative to A=432Hz. You can find different scales that your specific model can tune to in your owner's guide, but remember that your Idiopan is not limited to what is in the owner's guide, as it is solely up to the player's discretion on how they'd like their drum to sound.